Klondike Campout

The Scouts of Troop 115 enjoyed a weekend of cold weather camping at Camp Marin Sierra that was sadly short on snow cover.  This trip is normally the Scout’s opportunity to pitch a tent on snow and spend the day building i150131_Klondike_3gloos, but the warm weather was better for shirt-sleeve hiking and playing cards in camp.

After lounging around a campfire all morning waiting for the air to warm some, the Scouts finished up a sandwich lunch and headed out in search of a Lake Spaulding view.  The hike was an epic battle of man versus manzanita, where the position of each Scout was identified by the frenzied movement of manzanita as hikers forced their way through the overgrowth.  Scouts who had been to Klondike in prior, snow-bound years, remembered hiking OVER the scrub brush, instead of THROUGH it! 150131_Klondike_1 All who braved the hike returned with a few scrapes, and a great story of adventure to share around the evening dinner and campfire.

Campfire programs are a Boy Scout favorite with songs, skits, and stunts. Two of T121’s senior Scouts shared a song they wrote about Klondike that ended with “…and there’s still no snow!”.  There’s always next year!!


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