Troop 115 Trained Leaders!

Discovery District recently held a combined Scoutmaster Position Specific and Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills training, taking advantage of the new syllabus timeframe to pack a weekend full of valuable learning content.  Scoutmaster Jon Kantola and Assistants David Burns and Eric Gillies were on hand for the training. The goal of Position Specific is to teach Scoutmasters “how to meet the aims of Scouting by applying the eight methods of the Boy Scouting program”.  A unique and engaging training technique has been added with an advancement simulation that quickly highlights rank requirements, and participants receive merit badges as rewards for interacting T115_TrainedLeader-1with trainers.  It was also nice to see flip-charts reintroduced as a training tool, applied in a way that increases attendee participation.  Overall training time was reduced by removing content that is available either in other trainings, such as the Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills, or in various leader guides.  This reduced time commitment should make it easier for every Scoutmaster and their Assistants to get trained.  As the syllabus states; “How effectively the Boy Scouts of America influence the lives of youth depends on its leaders and their ability to apply the aims and methods of Scouting…these are the keys, and developing the ability to use these keys is what this course is all about.”  Remember, every Scout deserves a trained leader!

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