Teachable Moments

The best laid plans have no guarantee for success, as Troop 115 discovered on a recent Cycling Merit Badge outing. A welcome but ill-timed November rain brought the boy’s 15-miler to an abrupt halt. While the scouts were well-prepared for the cold, they unanimously voted for a burger and hot chocolate over the slippery conditions. Can you blame them? The 13th point of the Scout Law is “a Scout is always hungry” after all!

Not to let a teachable moment pass, Mr. Kantola and Mr. Gillies seized the opportunity and quizzed the scouts on the risks of exposure and dangers of continuing the ride. The scouts remembered their First Aid Merit Badge and Wilderness Survival training from summer camp, and confidently explained hypothermia symptoms and treatment. They also described the layering system for clothing with equal confidence, before turning back to their burgers. Pretty impressive for a group of mostly 11 and 12 year olds!

Boy Scouting “provides the building blocks you need to become a good Scout and a great young man…a leader, a family man, and a citizen who lives by the Oath and Law ” – BSA Handbook

Contact Troop 115 leadership if you’re interested in joining Scouting, and learning the many Scoutcraft skills that prepare you for life.

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