Beginning Backpack Info

Backpacking is one of those great Scouting activities that takes you places few people are willing to go.  With all of your personal gear on your back, you have the freedom to explore the world’s wild places.  Traveling safely, in comfort, requires training and experience however!  Working on the Backpacking Merit Badge is a good start.

Here are some great REI videos and articles, with excellent information on backpacking:

Also refer to these resources:

After packing your backpack for the next outing, weigh it and see if you can keep it below 20% of your body weight.  If you weigh 100 pounds, your pack should weigh no more than 20 pounds.  Review everything in your pack and ask; do you really need it (leave the frying pan home!), can I replace it with another smaller/lighter version (penlight instead of Mag Light), and can it be divided up and shared with another scout (share the tent).  We’ll weigh all packs before leaving, and pack check anyone who’s too heavy!  Travel light, and have more fun!!

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