Tyler’s Eagle Project

Hello! I am a Life Scout of Boy Scout Troop 115. Troop 115 is sponsored by St. Joseph Marello Catholic Church. I am the first Eagle Scout Candidate from the Troop. I wanted my Eagle Project to help our sponsored organization, so I will be creating a prayer garden on the back side of the church. Located in the empty field behind the classrooms near the rose garden, there are multiple rocks just out there and TylerProject_2we will be taking them and the land around them and developing them into a peaceful garden with a walking path. The path will be created with similar material to what is currently in the adjacent rose garden. In order to complete this project, I will be running a fundraiser rummage sale at a later date when community health guidelines allow. I am also collecting monetary donations to complete my project. We will be having work days over the next several months in order to complete the installation of my project. If you have items to donate for my rummage sale, a monetary donation, or would like to volunteer on the work days, please send a message to scoutmaster@sjm-troop115.org

I would greatly appreciate your help and support. Please check this page for updates on the following estimated list of materials needed:

Qty. Description

  • 3 Marina Strawberry Tree – 2 donation received, 1 still required
  • 3 Western RedBud – 2 donation received, 1 still required
  • 3 Japanese Juniper
  • 22 feet of ¼” Benderboard
  • 7 Yards Quarter Chip Rock
  • 6 Yards Walk On Bark
  • 1 Spicket – Donation Received
  • 8 PVC Connectors – Donation Received
  • 8 PVC Pipes – Donation Received
  • 1 4” by 4” by 6’ Lumber – Donation Received
  • 3 Lavender – Donation Received
  • 3 Carpet Rose – Donation Received
  • 3 Crape Myrtles – Donation Received
  • 2 October Glory Maple Tree – Donation Received
  • 2 Red Sunset Maple Tree – Donation Received
  • 1 Yards 50/50 Blend Potting Soil – Donation Received


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