Charter Organization

Charter Organization   Because the aims and purposes for St. Joseph Marello youth are in harmony with Scouting’s, we may make use of the Boy Scouts of America’s educational resource program. The Boy Scouts of America makes its program available by issuing a charter for each unit (Cub Scout pack, Boy Scout troop, Varsity Scout team, Venturing crew) the parish decides to operate. Thus, the parish may have one or more charters from the Boy Scouts of America for one or more Scouting units. This charter authorizes the parish to make use of the Scouting program as a part of its total youth ministry, under leadership the parish has selected, for all youth who want to join.

St. Joseph Marello Parish
Father Philip Massetti, O.S.J.
916-786-5001 ext.1 or
916-652-6336 ext. 205

Charter Org Representative   The chartered organization representative’s primary responsibilities are to help units to be successful and to provide coordination between the chartered organization and Scouting. They head the “Scouting ministry” at the parish and are responsible for the success of its Scouting units.
Tim Darcey

Memorandum of Understanding  The Sacramento Catholic Diocese requires that Scouting units meeting in church facilities sign an agreement with the parish to establish a framework of cooperation that defines the relationship between the troop and parish.  Each party to the agreement makes a number of commitments. For example, the first five of fifteen specific obligations for the scout units are:

    1. Respect the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the policies, objectives, aims and practices of the diocese and associated Catholic institution;
    2. Assist in meeting those objectives through appropriate programming for youth ages 5‐17, and through participation in available diocesan youth programs and activities;
    3. Promote and provide support for the achievement of religious recognition awards available through their national organization or affiliates (i.e. Boy Scouts of America, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry);
    4. Work to achieve unit/troop excellence awards where offered by affiliated national Catholic organization (i.e. “National Catholic Unit Excellence Award”, National Catholic Committee on Scouting,;
    5. Screen and approve adult leaders and other volunteers in accordance with Scouting policies and procedures and the policies and procedures of the diocese and Catholic institution;



The Memorandum is renewed annually, and may be reviewed HERE.

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