Unit Committee

The Troop Committee is responsible for conducting the business of the troop, setting policy, and helping the Scoutmaster and Scouts with the outdoor program and other planned activities. The committee also has the responsibility to provide adults for boards of review. This is an important responsibility and is one area where help is always needed and appreciated. The committee consists of parent volunteers who fulfill various roles on the committee.

“Welcome to the Boy Scouting program. As a troop committee member, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young men by contributing to the effectiveness of the troop and the troop’s leaders.”

The Troop Key 3

The troop Key 3 consists of the troop committee chair, the Scoutmaster, and the chartered organization representative. The unit commissioner serves as an advisor to the Key 3. This group usually meets once a month to discuss the troop, its challenges, upcoming events, and progress toward completing its action plan and Journey to Excellence goals just like any other Scouting Key 3. It is a time for the troop’s Key 3 to spot early warning signs and work together toward continued troop success to support the troop’s youth leaders. The unit commissioner meets with them to support their efforts, to help with problem solving, and to keep the troop moving in sync with the district and council calendars.

Chartered Organization Representative (COR)

The chartered organization representative is a member of St. Joseph Marello Parish who serves as a liaison between the troop and the parish, and the parish and the BSA local council. His or her primary responsibility is to recruit the troop committee and help it recruit a Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters. The COR sees to it that all adults involved serve the best interests of the parish and the BSA. He or she becomes a member of the BSA council or district, representing the parish and the troop.

Committee Chairman

The unit committee chair is appointed by the chartered organization and registered as an adult leader of the BSA. The unit committee chairman appoints and supervises the unit committee and unit leaders, and is responsible to:

  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the Scoutmaster.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the troop.
  • Prepare troop committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure troop representation at monthly roundtables.
  • Secure top-notch, trained individuals for camp leadership.
  • Arrange for charter review and charter renewal annually
  • Plan the charter presentation.


The unit secretary is appointed by the committee chairman to keep minutes and records, send notices, and handle publicity. The Secretary:

  • Keeps minutes of meetings and send out committee meeting notices
  • Prepares a family newsletter or web page of troop events and activities
  • Conducts the troop resource survey.
  • Trains and supervises the troop scribe in record keeping
  • At each meeting, reports the minutes of the previous meeting


The unit treasurer is appointed by the committee chairman to handle unit funds, pay bills, maintain accounts, coordinate the annual Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, and supervise fundraising. The Treasurer:

  • Handles all troop funds.
  • Pays bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the troop committee.
  • Maintains checking and savings accounts.
  • Keeps adequate records of Troop accounting.
  • Supervises the Scout Accounts.
  • Leads in the preparation of the annual troop budget.
  • Coordinates the annual Friends of Scouting campaign.
  • Reports to the troop committee at each meeting.

Advancement Chair

The unit advancement chair is appointed by the committee chairman to ensure that the unit has at least monthly boards of review, quarterly courts of honor, and that the unit has goals of helping each Scout advance a rank each year and for new Scouts to reach First Class rank during their first year. The advancement coordinator is also responsible to:

  • Encourage Scouts to advance in rank.
  • Work with the ASM Administration to maintain all Scout advancement records.
  • Arrange timely boards of review and courts of honor.
  • Obtain all necessary badges and certificates.
  • Develop and maintain the troop’s merit badge counselor list.
  • Maintain the troop’s advancement records.
  • Report troop advancement on the correct form to the local council service center.
  • Work with the troop librarian to build and maintain a troop library of merit badge pamphlets and other advancement literature.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Outdoor/Activities Chair

The unit outdoor/activities chair is appointed by the committee chairman to secure tour permits and permission to use camping site, serve as transportation coordinator, ensure a monthly outdoor program.

  • Secure permission/permits to use camping sites.
  • Serve as transportation coordinator.
  • Ensure a monthly outdoor program.
  • Promote the National Camping Award.
  • Promote, through family meetings, attendance at troop campouts, camporees, and summer camp to reach the goal of an outing per month.
  • Secure tour and activity plans for troop activities where required.
  • Work with the ASM Administration to assemble the medical and insurance binder for the Scoutmaster to take on each outing.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Membership Chair

The troop membership coordinator is appointed by the committee chair to help ensure a smooth transition of new Scouts into the troop and orientation for new parents. This person will develop and implement a year-round growth plan that incorporates all methods of recruitment, working closely with Cub Scout packs in the community, the district membership committee, and the unit commissioner

  • Develop a plan for year-round membership flow into the troop.
  • Work closely with the Cubmaster and Webelos den leader of neighboring Cub Scout packs to provide a smooth transition from pack to troop.
  • Assist in developing and recruiting den chiefs, and assist in the crossover ceremony from Webelos Scouts to Boy Scouts.
  • Plan and coordinate a troop open house to invite non-Scouts into the troop.
  • Encourage Scouts to invite their friends to join the troop.
  • Keep track of Scouts who drop out of the troop, and develop a plan to encourage them to rejoin.

Training Chair

The unit training chair is appointed by the committee chairman to ensure training opportunities are available, maintain training records and materials, and is responsible for monitoring BSA Youth Protection status of all leaders.

  • Ensure troop leaders and committee members have opportunities for training.
  • Maintain an inventory of up-to-date training materials, videos, and other training resources.
  • Work with the district training team in scheduling required training for all new leaders.
  • Be responsible for BSA Youth Protection training within the troop.
  • Encourage periodic youth leader training within the troop and at the council and national levels.
  • Be watchful that the troop is taking all steps to ensure the boys’ safety.
  • Report to the troop committee at each meeting.

Fundraising Chair

The Unit Fundraising Chair is appointed by the committee chairman to supervise Fundraising and ensure that every youth member has the opportunity to participate in Popcorn sales or other council Fundraising events. This person:

  • Supervises money-earning projects.
  • Obtains money-earning approvals from council as required.
  • Recruits and supports a “Popcorn Kernel”, who runs the annual popcorn sale.
  • Recruits and supports a “Camp Card Master”, who runs the annual card sale.
  • Works to identify other money-earning projects throughout the year.

Equipment Coordinator

The unit equipment coordinator is appointed by the committee chairman to work with the youth Quartermaster and is responsible inventory, storage, and maintenance of unit equipment.

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